Since their introduction in 2017, Transformers have become the de facto standard for tackling a wide range of NLP tasks in both academia and industry. In this workshop, we'll teach you the core concepts behind Transformers and how to train these models in the Hugging Face ecosystem. Read more about the workshop here 📚 … Continue reading WORKSHOP: NLP WITH TRANSFORMERS 🤗


We finally kicked off our MLT Reinforcement Learning sessions with an "Intro to RL" study group at the Tokyo Metropolitan Library. Anugraha Sinha walked us through the following: Theory Introduction to RL Important elements of an RL problem Description of Markov Decision Process (MDP) and and Markov Assumption. Importance of parametrization of State, Action, Reward … Continue reading INTRO TO REINFORCEMENT LEARNING


The Earth-Life Science Institute at the Tokyo Institute of Technology held a Machine Learning and Deep Learning Bootcamp in collaboration with Machine Learning Tokyo for scientists in Biology, Chemistry, Astro- and Geophysics, and other fields researching the origins of life. Instructors Nicholas Guttenberg Suzana Ilić Dimitris Katsios Alisher Abdulkhaev Find the MLT materials on GitHub: … Continue reading ML/DL BOOTCAMP @ELSI