MOOC Review: “Machine Learning A-Z” on Udemy

Our study group worked with the Udemy Online Course "Machine Learning A-Z: Hands-On Python & R in Data Science". We had no prior practical experience with Machine Learning. We started off with some basic skills in Python, but haven't worked with R. Math knowledge ranges from high school to undergrad level. The course is one … Continue reading MOOC Review: “Machine Learning A-Z” on Udemy


Hi all! Our ideathon is coming up! Here are some resources that we can use for our brainstorming-session on October 7:   CHEATSHEETS Python for Data Science Pandas NumPy Scikit-Learn Keras   OPEN DATA Kaggle Open ML (19629 datasets) 日本のオープンデータ (Japanese open data) (US) UCI Machine Learning Repository (394 datasets, classics in ML)   API, … Continue reading ML TOKYO: IDEATHON

Week VIII: Deep Learning

Soon, we'll all jump into Deep Learning. I've experimented with the first (and very simple) Artificial Neural Networks and Convolutional Neural Networks, trying to identify cats and dogs, semi-successfully. I think it's time to start looking for other resources than this tutorial, which is tailored for beginners, thus aims to give a rough overview rather … Continue reading Week VIII: Deep Learning

First steps: Deep Learning

We're done with week VIII: Reinforcement Learning and our first steps in Deep Learning.   Neurons Of course, we spent a lot of time on learning about the concept of Neural Networks, before we started writing code. The instructors explain everything very well so that we have a good basic understanding of the components of … Continue reading First steps: Deep Learning

Trying Out New Things: Computer Vision and Robotics

As we are progressing with our tutorial, our group is already discussing potential applications. We're very excited to leave the neatly prepared course-datasets and dive into real world stuff. On a Thursday evening Yoovraj and I met and spontaneously wanted to start a small project. Since Yoovraj is into robotics, he always has an Arduino … Continue reading Trying Out New Things: Computer Vision and Robotics