Since their introduction in 2017, Transformers have become the de facto standard for tackling a wide range of NLP tasks in both academia and industry. In this workshop, we'll teach you the core concepts behind Transformers and how to train these models in the Hugging Face ecosystem. Read more about the workshop here 📚 … Continue reading WORKSHOP: NLP WITH TRANSFORMERS 🤗


By Alisher Abdulkhaev Issue #17: November 2020 AlphaFold: a solution to a 50-year-old grand challenge in biology The latest version of AlphaFold (AlphaFold-2) has been recognised as a solution to one of biology's grand challenges - the “protein folding problem”.It was validated at CASP14, the biennial Critical Assessment of protein Structure PredictionWe’re excited about the potential impact … Continue reading AI DIGEST #NOVEMBER20


We created a small repository linking to open Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning lectures provided by MIT, Stanford University and UC Berkeley. ⚪ MIT 6.S191: Introduction to Deep Learning | 2020⚪ CS231n: CNNs for Visual Recognition, Stanford | Spring 2019⚪ CS224n: NLP with Deep Learning, Stanford | Winter 2019⚪ CS285: Deep Reinforcement Learning, UC Berkeley | … Continue reading AI CURRICULUM


MLT is presenting 2 workshop papers at the NeurIPS 2019 conference in Vancouver, Canada. Meet Asir Saeed at the poster session at the NeurIPS Workshop Machine Learning for Creativity and Design. Creative GANs for generating poems, lyrics, and metaphors Asir Saeed, Suzana Ilić, Eva Zangerle Generative models for text have substantially contributed to tasks like machine translation … Continue reading MLT AT NEURIPS 2019 IN VANCOUVER