Mistletoe Japan Inc.

MLT is an internationally minded community, growing 200+ members every month. To sustain and scale the organization, MLT is proud to be part of the Mistletoe Japan portfolio. Serial Entrepreneur and Investor Taizo Son (Founder Mistletoe Japan Inc.) has been supporting a wide range of impactful initiatives and startups in Japan – innovative and out-of-the-box endeavours spanning healthcare, education, high and deep tech, art and design and more. 

Mistletoe Japan, Inc. is a Collective Impact Community with the mission to re-create a sustainable human-centered future using technology. The community is made up of those who lead the forefront of the global startup movement including entrepreneurs, investors, researchers and visionaries, with the mutual goal to solve global social challenges that humanity will face in the near future. Main activities range from startup investment, research & development, joint ventures to ecosystem development. 


Mistletoe Japan Inc. は 、テクノロジーで人間中心の持続可能な未来を創造するスタートアップやイノベーターによって構成される「コレクティブ・インパクト・コミュニティ」です。近未来の人類が直面する大きな問題に取り組みたいという志を持つ起業家や投資家、研究者、デザイナー、ビジョナリーなど、スタートアップ・コミュニティの一線で活躍する人たちが集結しています。


KPMG Ignition Tokyo

Machine Learning Tokyo is honored to welcome as a supporter: KPMG Ignition Tokyo.

KPMG Ignition Tokyo, Inc. (KIT) develops and builds common digital platform technologies for KPMG Japan’s Audit, Tax, and Advisory service lines, while supporting the digital transformation of enterprises. From Japan and abroad, KIT has assembled a team of diverse experts in the leading technologies such as cloud, AI, blockchain, and IoT, as well as in the digital fields of data science, data visualization, cloud architecture, and system security, to drive secure management of massive and complex data, development and operation of platforms using Agile and DevOps approaches, analysis to reflect the data in management judgments, and visualization for easy understanding from the data. Merging these latest digital technologies with professional insights accumulated at KPMG Japan, KIT will innovate and initiate a common infrastructure and solutions through cooperation with KPMG Global.

株式会社KPMG Ignition Tokyo(KIT)は、KPMGジャパンの監査、税務、アドバイザリーサービスの業務に共通のデジタルプラットフォームテクノロジーを開発・構築するとともに、企業のデジタルトランスフォーメーションを支援しています。KITでは、クラウド、AI、ブロックチェーン、IoTの先端技術の専門家だけでなく、データサイエンス、データ可視化、クラウドアーキテクチャ、システムセキュリティなどの各領域の専門家を国内外から集結させ、膨大で複雑なデータの安全な管理、アジャイルやデブオプスの手法を用いたプラットフォームの開発・運営、そのデータを経営判断に反映するための分析、さらにはそのデータを簡単に理解するための可視化などを進めています。これらの最新デジタル技術と、KPMGジャパンが今まで培ってきた専門的知見を融合させ、グローバルと連携しながら共通基盤とソリューションを創発しています。

Intellics AI

Excited to be joined by Intellics AI, their mission is to protect your company from different Internet threats, with a brilliant team of engineers with years of experience in the Information Security field. Find out more about Intellics on their website


MLT depends not only on strong partners and supporters, but also on collaborators that provide resources and opportunities for the MLT community to synergistically progress and grow. We are grateful for our open education and open science collaborators: RIKEN CBS Toyota Collaboration Center – Social Value Decision Making Lab, the University of Tokyo as well as the Earth Life Science Institute at Tokyo Institute of Technology. Furthermore we appreciate our Community collaborators Chai Time Data Science and Sanyam Bhutani, especially for conducting multiple study sessions and co-organized Kaggle competitions and challenges. We are honored to work together with Prof. Andrew Ng’s community, and the creative community ON-1 Tokyo. Lastly, we would like to express our gratitude towards Spaces Tokyo that provides the event space for physical MLT events.

RIKEN CBS Toyota Collaboration Center – Social Value Decision Making Lab

Machine Learning Tokyo is working with Prof. Rei Akaishi who is leading the Social Value Decision Making Lab at the RIKEN CBS Toyota Collaboration Center in Japan. The focus of this collaboration is on projects at the intersection of Neuroscience, Decision Science and Data Science, with a strong emphasis on decision making, technology and society. Our work includes industry collaborations (Toyota) as well as workshops in the field of Decision Intelligence and AI Ethics (initiative with and AI pioneer Prof. Andrew Ng), bringing together Research Scientists, Engineers, Data Scientists and Executives.