MLT is an internationally minded community, growing 200+ members every month. To sustain and scale the organization, MLT is proud to be part of the Mistletoe Japan portfolio. Serial Entrepreneur and Investor Taizo Son (Founder Mistletoe Japan Inc.) has been supporting a wide range of impactful initiatives and startups in Japan – innovative and out-of-the-box endeavours spanning healthcare, education, high and deep tech, art and design and more. 

Mistletoe Japan, Inc. is a Collective Impact Community with the mission to re-create a sustainable human-centered future using technology. The community is made up of those who lead the forefront of the global startup movement including entrepreneurs, investors, researchers and visionaries, with the mutual goal to solve global social challenges that humanity will face in the near future. Main activities range from startup investment, research & development, joint ventures to ecosystem development. 


Mistletoe Japan Inc. は 、テクノロジーで人間中心の持続可能な未来を創造するスタートアップやイノベーターによって構成される「コレクティブ・インパクト・コミュニティ」です。近未来の人類が直面する大きな問題に取り組みたいという志を持つ起業家や投資家、研究者、デザイナー、ビジョナリーなど、スタートアップ・コミュニティの一線で活躍する人たちが集結しています。