MLT is excited to support and be part of the CTDS Kaggle competition organized by Sanyam Bhutani, Chai Time Data Science | CTDS.Show. The Chai Time Data Science Show is a podcast, video and blog based show for interviews with ML Practitioners, Kagglers, Research Scientists and all things Data Science. It's a continuation of the … Continue reading CTDS KAGGLE COMPETITION LAUNCH


We created a small repository linking to open Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning lectures provided by MIT, Stanford University and UC Berkeley. ⚪ MIT 6.S191: Introduction to Deep Learning | 2020⚪ CS231n: CNNs for Visual Recognition, Stanford | Spring 2019⚪ CS224n: NLP with Deep Learning, Stanford | Winter 2019⚪ CS285: Deep Reinforcement Learning, UC Berkeley | … Continue reading AI CURRICULUM


Natural Language Processing (NLP) has become the backbone of many applications that we use on a daily basis. Together with Le Wagon Tokyo we welcomed Cedric Wagrez (Gengo) for a a talk on NLP Business Applications. Cedric shared insights on how NLP and Machine Learning/Deep Learning are being used across a wide range of business … Continue reading NLP BUSINESS APPLICATIONS