Since OpenAI kicked off the GPT-3 API access for selected users, many demos have been created that showcased the impressive capabilities of the massive-scale language model. Here are 10 cool demos based on GPT-3 that appeared on Twitter, curated by Suzana Ilić:

⚫ Code
⚫ More code
⚫ Deep Learning code
⚫ Design
⚫ SQL queries
⚫ Emails
⚫ Spreadsheets
⚫ Google docs
⚫ Regex
⚫ Financial statements

GPT-3 is an autoregressive language model with 175 billion parameters, 10x more than any previous non-sparse language model, its performance was tested in the few-shot setting. Find more information about GPT-3 on GitHub and arXiv.

1. Code

2. More code

3. Deep Learning code

4. Design

5. SQL queries

6. Emails

7. Spreadsheets

8. Google docs 

9. Regex

10. Financial statements

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