Applications of Machine Learning methods have significantly contributed to the development of biomedical research and drug discovery. In this talk Nazim Medzhidov and Romeo Cozac focus on 1) understanding the types of biological/chemical data available and challenges in biomedical research, 2) providing examples on how ML approaches using biological/chemical data are used to address complex biomedical problems and 3) a case study on predicting anti SARS-CoV-2 drugs using Machine Learning.


Nazim Medzhidov has received his PhD in Immunology from the Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU). He continued his research at TMDU as a Research Fellow working on the molecular mechanisms of effective vaccine design. In April 2020 he joined Drug Discovery team at Elix, a Tokyo based AI startup.

Romeo Cozac has a background in Computer Science and Mathematics, and 7+ years of experience as a software engineer. Romeo has been in charge of chemistry related projects at Elix for more than a year.

Machine Learning in Life Science Research & Drug Discovery – @__MLT__ talks

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