We are honored and excited to welcome Dimitris Katsios and Alisher Abdulkhaev to the MLT Board of Directors.

Both have been part of our Computer Vision Team since 2018, they have been tirelessly supporting the community, teaching CNN architectures in numerous workshops in Tokyo and have always been an essential part of the organization.

They have created one of the most popular Deep Learning repositories on the MLT GitHub – the DL workshop series.

Together with Mustafa Yagmur, Dimitris and Alisher have been working on a YouTube video lecture series on CNN architectures covering how to read and implement models from academic papers, as well as a lecture series on Learning in Deep Networks, teaching important topics such as activation functions, loss functions, optimizers, regularization techniques, performance metrics etc.

Dimitris is currently working as a Machine Learning Engineer on Deep Learning for medical image processing at the Japanese Startup LPixel.

Alisher is currently working as a Machine Learning Engineer on Computer Vision for Browzzin – a Fashion Social & Shopping Platform.

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