We are honored and humbled to receive the Technology & Innovation Silver Award 2019 for our work at Machine Learning Tokyo. This award is for our team, our contributors and the community alike.

MLT is a Japan-based nonprofit organization 一般社団法人 dedicated to democratizing Machine Learning. We are a team of ML Engineers and Researchers and a community of more than 3,800 members in Tokyo.

Open Education: We held more than 60 AI workshops, study sessions and talks with more than 4,000 participants.

Open Source: Several teams are working on ML/DL projects in the field of AI for Social Good and open sourcing all of our efforts.

Open Science: Our teams have published research papers (NeurIPS) and we continuously collaborate with Universities and Research Institutes in Japan, including the University of Tokyo, Tokyo Institute of Technology and RIKEN.

If you are a member of MLT or would like to know more about our organization please register for the conference (it’s free) and join us at the Award Ceremony on November 9th at 5 pm.

Register for the Rakuten Technology Conference 2019

Official Press Release: Rakuten Announces Winners of Rakuten Technology & Innovation Awards 2019

Interview with MLT Founder Suzana Ilić:

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