Recently scientists at Elon Musk’s Neuralink presented their impressive work on Brain-Machine-Interfaces. (Read the white paper)

There are many labs and research groups all over the world working on Neural Interfaces. One of those labs is at UPCT Span. On July 31 we welcomed Antonio Lozano for a talk at ELSI. With a group of researchers at UPCT Spain, collaborating with the Neuroengineering Biomedical Research Group at UMH, Antonio has been working on developing neuroprosthetic technology designed to interface with the visual cortex in order to restore a limited but useful visual sense to blind patients.

In his talk he highlighted the most recent progress in neural engineering and AI, and arising opportunities for synergy. More specifically he pointed out some of the advances that highly multidisciplinary teams of scientists and engineers are making in different parts of the world, including Neuralink’s new brain interfaces, and some of the challenges that Antonio’s team faces in order to improve people’s lives.

Find the presentation slides here.

Thank you to the Earth-Life Science Institute at Tokyo Institute of Technology for hosting the event. Join us for more talks, panel discussions and workshops on Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

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