Distill: Exploring Neural Networks with Activation Atlases

Feature inversion to visualize millions of activations from an image classification network leads to an explorable activation atlas of features the network has learned. This can reveal how the network typically represents some concepts.


A visual introduction to Machine Learning

Available in many different languages.


Interactive Deep Learning Playground

New to Deep Learning? Tinker with a Neural Network in your browser.


Initializing neural networks

Initialization can have a significant impact on convergence in training deep neural networks. Simple initialization schemes can accelerate training, but they require care to avoid common pitfalls. In this post, folks explain how to initialize neural network parameters effectively.




Seeing Theory: Probability and Stats

A visual introduction to probability and statistics.




Write a Neural Network from scratch in NumPy

The best way to understand a neural network is to code it up from scratch!

[Read more]

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