An MLT Team of 15 engineers and researchers is dedicated to projects related to embedded Machine Learning and Robotics. One of our projects is MLT x Agritech, where we investigate new ways of improving and automating agricultural processes with cutting-edge technology, from hardware to software. Recently, the team visited the Hackerfarm, a community of farmers and engineers in a remote area of Chiba, 2-3 hours from Tokyo. We talked to local people, that explained their efforts and their pain points. We also looked at an existing work in progress, a suspended robotic system for automating tasks, and we discussed further opportunities for IoT and Machine Learning projects to be developed.

What especially deserves attention: People in rural areas of Japan are getting too old or sick to take care of the vast lands and fields. They are not able to maintain those anymore and with that, precious knowledge that was built up over generations gets lost. There are many ways to contribute and support not only the Hackerfarm community, but build systems that could be deployed in a more context-independent setting (e.g. green houses), since Hackerfarm has also ongoing projects in Africa and South America.


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