There is an overwhelming amount of information about Machine Learning and Deep Learning for beginners out there. Therefore, we decided to write an overview on the best conceptual introductions to the field we have encountered so far. One deck, one YouTube channel and one Blog covers it all. Have fun! 😀

Machine Learning 101

Jason Mayes is a Senior Creative Engineer at Google and we fell in love with his “Machine Learning 101”. It’s smart, funny and interactive. It starts with a general definition of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Later it shows how to choose data for training and makes very clear that an ML system cannot predict stuff it does not know about. This highlights the importance of the training data (for Deep Learning: a lot of training data). Another crucial aspect is the distinction between Supervised and Unsupervised Learning, as well as Reinforcement Learning.

Dozens of great examples and use cases make this deck absolutely worth the 1-hour-dive-in.


Screen Shot 0029-12-18 at 17.24.09



Okay. 3Blue1Brown is our favorite Youtube Channel on Math, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science in general. This guy is awesome. Great explanations and cool visualizations make it easy to follow, even when it comes to the hard stuff. No wonder that he has already millions and millions of views.


Screen Shot 0029-12-18 at 17.26.03

When it comes to Deep Learning blogs, there’s not a single one that can beat Christopher Olah. Want to read about Deep Neural Networks, RNNs, CNNs and Visualization? This is the perfect place to start (and keep coming back).


Screen Shot 0029-12-18 at 17.38.10

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