The first ML TOKYO IDEATHON was held on October 7th at the open co-working space Yahoo! Japan Lodge. We’ve been working with a Machine Learning course for the past two months and are ready to apply some of that knowledge to a real world problem.

We came up with a lot of ideas, ranging from a Study-Group-Check-In-Robot as a personal assistant, that recognizes our faces and voices and keeps track of our progress to handwritten Kanji recognition (including stroke order). We also explored some opportunities for Machine Learning applications in the Fashion industry. Learning from the countless combinations of perfect fashion outfits in magazines, a great model could take the pieces in your personal closet and show you the best possible combination.

It was a lot of fun sharing ideas and thinking of ways how to make them work.  Our first hackathon will be held in November, we will try to make some of the ideas come to life.


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