Google’s Teachable Machine

A couple of months ago I discovered the AI Experiments website. You can try out a lot of fun things that are powered by Machine Learning and Deep Learning and get a glimpse of what is happening under the hood. In Quick, draw! a neural net tries to guess what you’re drawing. With the Thing Translator you can take a picture of something and hear how to say it in a different language. You can also train objects in your environment to respond to your behavior with Objectifier Spatial Programming.

Now, Google released The Teachable Machine. Without writing code, you can use your camera to teach the machine live in the browser. It’s a very fun and intuitive way of understanding Machine Learning.

Screen Shot 0029-10-07 at 22.49.27

Those guys did a really good job on that! Your camera captures the input (eg if you put your hand up, make a funny face, …), by holding the colored buttons the model learns and connects to the output. It’s built with a library called deeplearn.js, which makes it easier for any web developer to get into machine learning, by training and running neural nets right in the browser. Here’s the Youtube video, where Lasse and Andreas explain more. Looking forward to more AI Experiments.

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